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Men's Narrow Push Out Pouch - Men's Thong Men's Narrow Basic Pouch - Men's Thong Men's Moderate Push Out Pouch - Men's Thong
Men's Very narrow pouch and gives a somewhat bulging look. Meant to fit extremely tight around the "unit" Men's Very narrow pouch, fits looser than the push out pouch, generally a more relaxed look Covers the entire package and surrounding area. Not a narrow fitting pouch. For a more conservative look.
Men's Moderate Basic Pouch - Men's Thong Men's Missile Push Out 3D Pouch - Men's Thong Men's Torpedo Pouch, Men's thong, Men's Bikini, Men's Cheeky
A looser fit around the "unit", not a narrow look, more conservative, relaxed look Pushes out from behind scrotum for an outward pointing look, very form fitting to show off the true shape and curves, item pictured is a thong, 1/2" straps, and extremely low cut Straight up! Sexy, show off style for the bold!
Men's Aussie Missile Pouch, Men's Thong, Men's Bikini, Men's Cheeky Men's Slingshot One-Piece
World famous, Dore "Aussie Missile" pouch, choose from thong, bikini, and cheeky styles. Men's micro swimwear, slingshot one piece style, suspender look, customizable back and pouch styles