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Men's Narrow Push Out Pouch - Men's Thong Men's Narrow Basic Pouch - Men's Thong Men's Moderate Push Out Pouch - Men's Thong
Men's Very narrow pouch and gives a somewhat bulging look. Meant to fit extremely tight around the "unit" Men's Very narrow pouch, fits looser than the push out pouch, generally a more relaxed look Covers the entire package and surrounding area. Not a narrow fitting pouch. For a more conservative look.
Men's Moderate Basic Pouch - Men's Thong Men's Missile Push Out 3D Pouch - Men's Thong Men's Torpedo Pouch, Men's thong, Men's Bikini, Men's Cheeky
A looser fit around the "unit", not a narrow look, more conservative, relaxed look Pushes out from behind scrotum for an outward pointing look, very form fitting to show off the true shape and curves, item pictured is a thong, 1/2" straps, and extremely low cut Straight up! Sexy, show off style for the bold!
Men's Aussie Missile Pouch, Men's Thong, Men's Bikini, Men's Cheeky
World famous, Dore "Aussie Missile" pouch, choose from thong, bikini, and cheeky styles.